Sunday, May 1, 2011

.:: NYC Individual Eyes ::.

So I recently discovered these NYC Individual Eyes Palettes @ Target. They have specific palettes for every eye color. These are also available at Walmart  and CVS. They are very much affordable costing only $5 a palette!! Temptalia also did a review on the Union Square Palette created for Brown Eyes and she gave it an A meaning this product is worthing checking out. So here are the palettes I purchased...
941 Smokey Browns 
Created for Brown Eyes

These swatches are with out a base, the far left is a swatch of the Illuminator in the palette.
942 Smokey Blues
Created for Blue Eyes

Swatched with out a base!
938 Union Square
Created for Brown Eyes

Also with out a base!
940 Central Park
Created for Green Eyes

Now this is swatched with the Primer Base in the palette and as you can see it pretty pigmented...
Over all I am loving the pigmentation on these palettes. The cool thing about these palettes is that they come with a Illuminator and a Primer Base. The Illuminator is pretty hard to wipe off other than that It's not bad. The Primer Base is honestly a pretty good base as well. As you can see the the difference on how pigmented it is... Definately pick a palette up that suits your specific eye color!! =) Another plus is it's under $5!! 
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  1. Hmmm you are so going to enable me to try these out! Thanks! aha

  2. @Hekela Girl go for it! They are only $5! =)

  3. please do tutorials on the union square and the one for blue eyes.I love your tutorials they are great and not too dramatic but wearable make up.

  4. I just saw these at my local Rite-Aid yesterday and considered buying them but decided I'd look around for reviews first. So glad to see this post! :) I'll def. be picking up a few.

  5. @babydollmg Yes, I will for sure be making a tutorials on these palettes. Thanks for the support!! =)

  6. @Diana, Yes, don't these up. Let me know how you like them! =)

  7. So I was wondering when do I put on the primer base and when do I put on the illumantor