Thursday, July 28, 2011

.:: TOMS ::.

I have notice that TOMS Slip-On's are really popular this summer season. They look so comfy and stylish! After trying on a pair at Zummie's I was hooked!! The cool thing is they come in so many different color's and styles!! Here are just a few I got from Nordstrom's and these were all purchased by me! =)
Burlap Slip-On

Material of the shoe up close...

Plaid print in the inside of the material... I love how each TOMS is different!

Another plus!! =)

Black Glitter TOMS

Glitter up close...

The print inside the...

TOMS Stitchouts Bimini Slip-On

Canvas material up close...

Another plaid print inside...

I recently became obsessed with these slip-on's... I can not wait to get more in different styles and color's. They are so comfy yet stylish... =)
You can purchase TOMS Slip-On's at  Nordstrom, Zummie's, & TOMS Website that I know of... 

.:: Stila Naturaleyes Eye Shadow Palette ::.

I have been doing a lot of hauling lately... Here I have the Stila Naturaleyes Eye Shadow Palette. I noticed a lot of companies have been coming out with neutral color eye shadow palettes. This Stila palette was one I was really excited to get because I do not own any of Stila's Eye Shadow products. I heard a lot of good reviews about this 
online and also from the MA's at Sephora.
Stila Naturaleyes Eye Shadow Palette

It also comes with a step by step look book with several different looks you can learn from... Tips and more!!

Front cover of the palette...

These shadows work perfect for any skin tone and can be used wet or dry! =)

Contains 10 Natural Eye Shadow Shades ( Including the best selling shade in Kitten) Also the limited-edition Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner.

It has the names of the colors on the back of the palette as well as the back of the packaging...

Left to right: Top- Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone
Bottom- Champagne, Gilded old, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony

The swatches  along with the Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Damsel ( Matte Chocolate Brown)

Just from the swatches of this palette I am LOVING it! Like I said I have never tried any of Stila's Eye Shadow products so this is first for me! Can't wait to use them. You can also purchase this at Sephora for $39.00!
Thank You all again and see you in my next post!!

.:: Hello Kitty Graffiti Bag ::.

So Sephora recently came out with a new Hello Kitty Collection called the Graffiti. This line has of course the Graffiti Eyeshadow and Blush Palette, Makeup Bag, 5-Piece Brush Set, Rollergirl, and Compact Mirror. I did not purchase the whole collection but did choose one item I thought was different and worth getting...
Hello Kitty Graffiti Makeup Bag

Here it was it looks like up close...

   The Hello Kitty Charm is so CUTE!!

The Hello Kitty Charm up close...

Fairly large zipper opening...

In the inner part of the bag it has a silver Hello Kitty logo stitched on...

Here is a look at from a side angle to see the width of the makeup bag...

 The faux leather material features a tarnished silver finish with a graffiti design. The interior is lined with cotton fabric. Each product has its own one-of-a-kind graffiti artwork, making it special and unique.

This can be purchased at Sephora for $28.00!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

.:: Finger Sweets Nail Products ::.

Hope you all are doing well?! Today I have a review/ first impression on Finger Sweets Nail Products. These products were sent to me as a review. For a while now I have been wanting to try out the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips, but every time I go into my local drugstore they are always sold out of the cheetah print design. So I was excited to have the chance to try out the Finger Sweets version. Here she sent me...

Checkered Nail Polish Sticker

Checkered print up close and also comes with a miniature nail file

Wet Top Coat

Pop Star Pink #6 Nail Polish

Also received the Cheetah Nail Polish Sticker

Up Close... Not perfect, but was my first try!

To be honest, these were a bit of work for me to put on. I have never tried any type of sticker polish so these were my first to try. There's a lot of prep time before actually applying the sicker on the nail bed. Now I have never used the Sally Hansen Nail Effects so I can not do a comparison towards the two so this is IMO.  The stickers itself were a lot thinner than I thought and noticed a lot of ripping when peeling off the sticker. Directions do say to handle gently and be careful not to rip the sticker. The sticker does have directions on the back of the packaging and also you may visit the website  to watch a video of how to apply these. I found that I did not have to use the miniature nail file that it came  with. When sealing the sticker on the nail bed you would use the Wet Top Coat by Finger sweets  to seal it and the polish strip literally breaks s off on it's own so that was a plus. You again have to be very careful when sweeping it across because you may sweep off the actual sticker print and it will leave white flakes as well as empty nail polish spots. All in all I am really stoked about these polish strips still getting the hang of applying them if only nail polish companies came out with an actual cheetah polish effect... =D
Other than that the Nail Polish itself  is great! The pigmentation on Pop Star Pink  is very opaque on one swipe. Although I was only sent one color I can not speak on the rest of the nail colors they have available. I love the packaging of the nail polish bottles they are tall and sleek. The brush wand is nice and long which I love for easy application. The Wet Top Coat is just a clear coat which I have to say dried fairly fast which is a good sign! =) 
Take a few minutes to check Finger Sweets website and check out the rest of the products they have.
Thanks again for taking the time to check this review out and I will talk to you all soon in another post!! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

.:: IMATS LA 2011 Haul Pt. 2 and Swatches ::.

So here I have the second part of my IMATS haul...

Miss Adoro Lashes







Although I was very excited about these lashes because last years IMATS they were selling them for $1, this year went up to $2... =( 

Graftobian High Definition Color Palette in Warm

This was my first purchase! =) 

Good variety of shades to mix and choose from! Also a great item for freelance makeup artist! 

$1 Lash Brushes/ Brow Comb

Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Also purchased the Angled Kabuki but I am currently using it.. =)

Fan Brush

Been always wanting to have a jumbo fan brush! =)


20 Freedom System Palette

#16, #412, #471, #419

#440, #379, #446, #434

#13, #429, #371, #480

#403, #382, #55, #52

#32, #504, #418, #64

10 Freedom System Palette

As you can see the one blue color out of place... The associate actually gave me the wrong color! =(

Top: #463, #9, #461, #402, #56
Bottom: #464, #54, #457, #378, #348

Face Blush Palette

I LOVE me some blushes! Really excited to try these out! 

#41, #58, #30, #25

This concludes my haul from IMATS LA 2011. Hope this helps you all in the near future from purchasing from any of these makeup brands. I am very happy with everything that I purchased and can't wait to try them out! Hope you all enjoyed once again feel free to leave questions / comments also check out my YouTube video If you haven't already! =)
Til my next post... See you all SOON!