Tuesday, April 19, 2011

.:: NYX Nude on Nude and UD Naked Comparison ::.

So I FINALLY got my NYX Nude on Nude palette in yesterday. The first time I saw this palette was at Ulta and it was about a week ago all the NYX products were 40% off and I wanted to get this palette so bad, BUT they were out of stock. The minute I saw this palette it  reminded me so much of the UD Naked palette! So I searched the net for some websites I can possibly purchase it at and the cheapest one I found was cherryculture.com It's $25 about every site, but the shipping was pretty much cheaper here plus I got a free Bubble Gum lip balm! =)
This palette contains 20 eyeshadows and a slide out compartment of 10 lipglosses with a applicator and mirror. Perfect for Nude on Nude looks! ;)

The color's in this palette are very similar to the Naked palette just that this palette contains more for half the cost! =)
Here is the Bubble Gum lip balm I got for free! =)
Here are all of the eyeshadow swatches...
Here are the lipgloss swatches...
Here are the palette's side by side for comparison...
Very much so alike! =)
All in all this Nude on Nude palette is perfect for those of you who still have not gotten your hands on the UD Naked palette due to limited quanity or because of it being so expensive. This palette is half the cost of the Naked palette and the pigmentation of the eyeshadow's are very pigmented! I love how the palette has a wide selection of matte to shimmer. Now I am not a big  fan of lipgloss palettes and such only because of how messy it tends to be, but after swatching these I am definately going to try the lipglosses here in the palette. The lipgloss colors too have a beautiful variety of color! Honestly u can do endless looks with this palette and I can't wait to share the looks I come up with you all!!! Have any of you guys purchased this palette If so what do you think of it?? =)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

.:: SEPHORA Chic Week 15% Off ::.

Morning Ladys... If you all didn't know Sephora is having a 15% off from April 14-21, 2011. I received my post card in the mail which looks like this...
You may shop as often as u like at sephora store on on sephora.com
If you guys did NOT get a post card in the mail u may use this coupon code online...
You may use this through the 21st of April!!
 Happy hauling everyone....
I hope u all share with me what you guys have hauled!! =)

Friday, April 15, 2011

.:: NYX The Runway Collection Eyeshadow Palettes ::.

Morning Everyone! Happy FRIDAY!!! =) So today I have NYX Eyeshadow Palette's to share with you. I am pretty sure you all have tryed these If not prolly own 1 or 2, but these are my first 2 palette's from NYX and I am quiet surprised on the pigmentation... The first one I got...

08 Secret World

Here are the swatches. I am very pleased with the pigmentation as you can see they are all very well pigmented!  =)
07 Versus
Here are the swatches, Again these are well pigmented as well! I purchased these at Ulta and all NYX Cosmetics are 40% off so I got these for about $6 and some change which is not bad at all. I don't have too many NYX products so this was a great way to try them out for almost half the cost! =D Have you tryed these and how do you like them???

Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I received my Ulta Catalogue in the mail the other day and came across a page that had BUTTER LONDON Nail Lacquers. I have been wanting to try these out for the longest now and finally they have them available at my local Ulta!! =)
I do know that Nordstrom online does sell them on there, but my local Nordstrom does not. I beleive there is about 30 shades to choose from along with nail treatments as well. The good thing is they are non-toxic and they are also created at Fashion Week every season! =)
The colors I chose from left to right...
British Racing Green, Blagger, Macbeth, Lady Muck, and Fash Pack
Here are swatches for them... The pigmentation from me swatching them seem to be very opaque. All the swatches are with 2 coats. I will  definately let you guys know on the lasting power on these!!
The price tag for these are pretty pricey $14 each, but I heard alot of good reviews so we will see... Now I gotta make room for these on my nail polish rack! =)

.:: SIGMA Giveaway ::. !!CLOSED!!

Goodmorning Everyone!! As the title says, I will be hosting a small giveaway provided by SIGMA Makeup! They will personally send u a travel size E25 Blending Brush.
This is a perfect way to try out the brushes for FREE! If u have not already checked out my Youtube video on the bottom side bar to enter in it, All u have to do is type in "ENTER ME"... Pleaaase limit 1 "ENTER ME" per day. I posted the video up Wednesday April 13,2011 and will go through next Wednesday. Give or take a week. RULES... All u have to do is be subscribed to ME on my Youtube Channel as well as follow me on my blog! I will be checking...=) Simple right?!
My husband and I will randomly choose a lucky winner so GOOD LUCK to u all!!!!!
Thank You to all my new and old followers!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

.:: Lauren Conrad STYLE::.

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to share with you all a new book my husband had purchased for me and it is the Lauren Conrad Book STYLE!
She talks about Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle in this book. Now I just had a baby about 5 months ago and my fashion side was and still is a bit rusty from the maternity clothes that I was wearing. I am slowly trying to work on my wardrobe now that I am not pregnant anymore and hopfully getting back into my shape! This book of her's will sure enough help and give me some tips on how to's. =)
I just love her sense of style. Simple yet classsy!!!
Definately check this book out. I purchased mine at Target for $15, they actually give 30% off the cover price which was $19.99 =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

.:: Aloha PINK Wild & Breezy::.

Morning Everyone!!! I am blogging pretty early today... Just wanted to share with you all a current FAVORITE of mine. I have been using this for about a week and half now. It is the Aloha PINK Wild & Breezy supersoft body lotion, all-over body mist, and 2-in-1 wash & scrub. The scent is described as  wild red guava & pink passion fruit.
Description of scent

Supersoft Body Lotion
All-Over Body Mist
A subbie of mine actually pointed out that it look similar to the Fiji water bottle's!
2-In-1 Wash & Scrub
It claims it sloughs away rough, dry spots and has a combination  of healthy vitamins E and C.
The three products used at once are amazing! I use the 2in1 body scrub in the shower and I apply the body lotion afterwards and spray the body mist. At the end of the day I still smell like this. It's a fresh clean smell with a bit of fruit. Not too over powering and great for summertime! Not only does it smell good, but the packaging is too die for!! You can purchase these at Victorias Secret for 3 for $30
This is a limited edition and it also comes in two other scents from this line. All I know is the pink one smells a bit like baby powder and the purple I did not even bother to smell after I smelled this one. lol
Have a great day EVERYONE!! =)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

.:: Estee Lauder Sea Star Bronzing Blush::.

Hello Everyone!! Hope you all are having a good morning! I discovered another amazing limited edition product. I know every year Estee Lauder comes out with a Bronze Goddess Collection and this year I was pretty late on it. Last night I discovered it on Temptalia.com on her review. I was reading the reviews and was automatically sold on the product. Not only am I a sucker for bronzer's, but also a sucker for LE products. I called my local Nordstrom's and they were sold out, I called the nearest Macy's counter and they were SOLD OUT, so I called another Macy's counter about 10 minutes away from me and they had it! Thank God! lol!!
Here is the product...
Up close...
This is what the compact looks like...
0.42 oz of product...
Another look at it....
Left to right: Outerpart, Star, and all together.
Retail price: $34
Texture is very velvety and soft. Very weill pigmented! I wouldn't say it's a bronzer, but more of a coral peach blush.
This is definately a product to grab!! Check your department stores if they still have it in stock...

Monday, April 4, 2011

.:: Slatkin & Co. ~ Fresh Picked Cherries 3 Wick Candle::.

OMG!! You all know how much I LOOOOVE burning candles... You all probably seen my super haul's on the Bath & Body Works Slakin & Co. 3 wick candles and the amazing scents that they have out for spring and summer. I don't think I showed this one in particular in my haul's, but I have to say this is mouth drooling good! lol.. =)
.Fresh Picked Cherries.
O-M-G!!! This just makes me want to eat it... lol! I swear to you this smells exactly like the red cherry STARBURST!!!! My husband had pointed this out to me and was shocked I didn't see it before him.
It says here it is described as a delicious blend of sweet red cherry,bright apple and vanilla cream.
I just L-O-V-E these candles. You can purchase them at Bath & Body Works for 2 for $20 or 1 for $19.50 definately grab them when they are on SALE! They burn approximately 40-65 hours, you never waste a dime of your money with this jar candle. It burns evenly around the whole jar and they are true to there scents. Just remember to trim the wick just a bit before lighting the candle. This will help it from having that black smoke burn as the candle is lit. They have so many scents out right now and the good thing is they come out with new scents every season. =)

.::Glee SEPHORA by O.P.I Nail Polish Set::.

Happy Monday EVERYONE!!! Hope you all had a good weekend... My husband and I took our kids to the mall and walked in to Sephora to go and check out what they had new.... My daughter seen this minature nail polish set from Glee and it's by SEPHORA by O.P.I. She is obsessed with anything that is minature size, lol!! So with all means we purchased this for my daughter but just wanted to share it with u all in case you were wondering how the color payoff was and If you were deciding to purchase it.
There's 6 color's in this set
Obviously inspired by the T.V. show Glee...
Miss Bossy Pants
Celibacy Club
Gleek Out
Sue vs. Shue
Express Yourself to Yourself
Here are swatches of all the colors. I have to say this set has a good variety of color and the size of them is a good way to try out the color incase you wanted to buy the full size version. Celibacy Club reminds of Holorgram from the China Glaze Tronica Collection. =)
Hope this was helpful!!!
You can purchase this at Sephora or Sephora.com for $24

Saturday, April 2, 2011

.::MAC Quite Cute Collection and Swatches::.

Hello Everyone!! I have a special collection I would like to share with you all and it is the MAC Quite Cute Collection!!! =) I only purchased a few items only because I believe this collection is geared more towards lighter skin tones. In reference I am an NC42-44, NC45 during summer so I am pretty tan. This collection focus on pastel pinky with a bit of shimmer and shine. With us tanned skin tones it may look a bit ashy on us. I chose items that looked good and went well with my skin tone. I read reviews on Temptalia and other beauty blogs and there were lots of mixed reviews. I know the quad in this collection alot of people were pretty upset on the pigmentation of the product so I didn't purchase that. I had 2 of the three lipliners in this collection as well, the plushglass were a bit sheer for me and the lipstick I wasn't too fond of  so I chose wisely... lol!

Here are there new bags that they replaced...
Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
.Light baby pink with a mint green heart.
On my skin tone I would probably use this as a highlighter...

From left to right: Outer part swatched, 
 heart, and the swatch all together
Giggly Mineralize Blush
.Pink with a touch of a purple muave.
This would have to be my favorite out of the three mineralize blushes
From left to right: Outer part, heart, and all together
Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick
.Hot BRIGHT pink.
Not my everyday lipstick, but quite cute!
Will be probably the most popular color and also a SELL OUT!
From left to right:Mischevious Mint,Little Girl Type,Ice Cream Cake

Sorry the swatches are NOT clear as I wanted it but here it is.. =)
These polishes have to be my FAVORITE part of this collection. I have to say these are very,very,VERY opaque! Definately grab these If you can...
Hope this is helpful for all of you! The collection launches April 7 (Thursday) and previews online April 4 (Tuesday)