Sunday, May 29, 2011

.:: MAC Surf Baby Collection and Swatches ::.

Here I have the MAC Surf Baby Collection that recently just launched this past Thursday. I honestly was really excited for the collection to launch because of the My Paradise cheek powder! Although I also decided to pick up a few more products I thought was worth getting. This collection is fairly large, a good amount of bronzers as well which is a favorite of mine in all collections. This collection of course has a special packaging and also has a  Hawaii inspired look to it. I honestly didn't care to much for the packaging... (It could have been better IMO) On to the products I purchased...

This cheek powder has  a orange/peachy tone to it with a bit of gold shimmer if swirled together. The gold hibiscus overlay is a pretty thick amount so If you do enjoy it you will probably get a good amount of uses before it hits the actual powder. Here I have swatches of the powder alone along with the gold hibiscus overlay and lastly the powder swirled altogether. I LOVE it so much I bought one extra as a back up. Retail price is $28.00

I chose one of the two Studio Careblend Pressed powders in Lush-Light Bronze. This one in particular has a Mid tone rosey pink brown color to it. You want to use a light hand when applying this because a little went a  long way with the color pay off. The texture was very soft , creamy and very easy to blend.The powder it self has MAC embossed on it. This was also $28.00

I only purchased two of the eye shadows. Saffron I already bought from the Mickey Contractor Collection and the rest of the colors I thought was easy to dupe. I got Sun Blonde which is a dirty yellow gold. Short Shorts is a frosty white champagne. I thought I would be able to get a lot of use out of these colors. Each being $15.50

Hibiscus Lipstick was a MUST for me and probably also a SELL OUT! Good thing I purchased one more as a back up as well. This color is a cremesheen and described as a orange coral. This color is great for summer! Price tag on this is $15.50

So I had to grab at least one lipgloss, which was Good Lovin'. I already had Strange Potion from the Venomous Villains Collection so there was no need to purchase another. Good Lovin' is described as a soft peachy pink. I'm pretty sure I have other lipglosses that are pretty close to the color of it but what the heck, lol. The lipglosses are also $15.50

I for sure had to grab one nail polish from this collection which was Ocean Dip. I honestly have a love and hate relationship with MAC polishes due to the texture and pigmentation. Ocean Dip is described as a midtone creamy aqua and that it is. Very opaque as well. I spiced it up a bit and tested out the new Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold Crackle over it. I wouldn't rush out to grab any of the polishes from this collection because they are very easy to dupe! Price for polishes are $15.00

Now these Crushed Metallic Pigments was what I was also excited about. These pigments give that foiled effect to it and take very little to achieve the color. I swiped these swatches with just the top of the lids. It takes very little again to achieve the color so these will last FOREVER! This set is called the Surf  The Ocean. Color's are described from left to right... The gold is described as a gold bronze, the dark blue is a dirty graphite with silver pearl, light blue is a frosty platinum, and the last one is the lightest one and is a light yellow green. 

I also had to get the other Crushed Metallic Pigments in Summer Stash. This set is described from left to right.... The violet color is a light violet with silver pearl, the brown is a brown bronze with gold pearl, the white is a light white pearl, and the baby pink is a light pink champagne. Again another set worth getting!! Each pigment stack is a bit pricey costing $32.50, but worth every penny and will last you for years... I would also like to add these are limited edition so If you have not purchased anything from this collection yet I would definately try hunting these down =)

Over  all I LOVE this collection... =) Hope you all enjoyed this and hope it helped you all who still have yet to decide what to get from this collection. 

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