Tuesday, May 3, 2011

.:: Memoirs of a Kitty Palette and Cosmetic Bag ::.

So I decided to surf the Sephora website to see If they got anything new and surprisingly they had a new Hello Kitty Palette called the Memoirs of a Kitty. Now I did not purchase any of the first Hello Kitty Palette's they came out with the first time around due to the pigmentation and I'm honestly not to fond of the glosses that came with it. Memoirs of a Hello Kitty Palette caught my attention...
Packaging is sooooo CUTE!!! 
Cherry Blossoms Everywhere...
Sticker bow at the opening of the box, I actually opened it from the bottom to not ruin the sticker. =)
Super CUTE!! 
Hello Kitty's bow is a jade inspired... I'm guessing!
Four Neutral Color's...
Much more pigmented then the last palettes they came out with!!
Good for everyday colors!
Swatches with out a base... Very soft and creamy! 
You lift up the bottom portion and u have two blushes. Very flattering colors especially the peach one! LOVE!! =)
Closer look at the blushes...
Again texture is very soft and very pigmented!
Packaging is pretty thick, but doesn't bother me at all, just too cute!! 
Cute Label in the back!
My husband also purchased the matching makeup bag to it for me. 
Cute Hello Kitty Charm on the corner of the bag...
Hello Kitty Bow for the zipper!
Hello Kitty logo in the inside of the cosmetic bag...
Pretty spacious, not too big or small...
Zipper go's all the way down to the bottom of the bag. The lining is a tad bit thin, but good enough. Honestly the CUTENESS of the bag just takes all of the flaws away, LOL! =)
The Cosmetic Bag is $28 and the Memoirs of a Kitty Palette is $35 @ Sephora. 
I honestly LOVE both of them. If you are a Hello Kitty Fan this is well worth every penny. The eyeshadow's are honestly good as well as the blushes. The Cosmetic Bag could have been made a bit more sturdy, but if you love packaging just as much as I do, It didn't matter... =)
Talk to you soon!! 


  1. I love this!! Your soo goin to make me buy! Looks like a great product worth purchasing ;)

  2. Wow, super cute palette! I agree with you about the first palettes they came out with. LMAO, I love how you said "My husband also purchased the matching makeup bag..." Awww, what will he use it with?! =)

  3. Ahhhhhhh!! Toooooo cute.

  4. @Hekela This is a much better palette than the first ones that came out! Grab it! =)

  5. @Tesahelena It is super cute!! Hahha, you know what I mean, LOL!! =P

  6. @Sheena Marie Did u get it yet?

  7. Omg! I know im a year late but i soo want that palatte:( ill buy it off you!