Tuesday, April 19, 2011

.:: NYX Nude on Nude and UD Naked Comparison ::.

So I FINALLY got my NYX Nude on Nude palette in yesterday. The first time I saw this palette was at Ulta and it was about a week ago all the NYX products were 40% off and I wanted to get this palette so bad, BUT they were out of stock. The minute I saw this palette it  reminded me so much of the UD Naked palette! So I searched the net for some websites I can possibly purchase it at and the cheapest one I found was cherryculture.com It's $25 about every site, but the shipping was pretty much cheaper here plus I got a free Bubble Gum lip balm! =)
This palette contains 20 eyeshadows and a slide out compartment of 10 lipglosses with a applicator and mirror. Perfect for Nude on Nude looks! ;)

The color's in this palette are very similar to the Naked palette just that this palette contains more for half the cost! =)
Here is the Bubble Gum lip balm I got for free! =)
Here are all of the eyeshadow swatches...
Here are the lipgloss swatches...
Here are the palette's side by side for comparison...
Very much so alike! =)
All in all this Nude on Nude palette is perfect for those of you who still have not gotten your hands on the UD Naked palette due to limited quanity or because of it being so expensive. This palette is half the cost of the Naked palette and the pigmentation of the eyeshadow's are very pigmented! I love how the palette has a wide selection of matte to shimmer. Now I am not a big  fan of lipgloss palettes and such only because of how messy it tends to be, but after swatching these I am definately going to try the lipglosses here in the palette. The lipgloss colors too have a beautiful variety of color! Honestly u can do endless looks with this palette and I can't wait to share the looks I come up with you all!!! Have any of you guys purchased this palette If so what do you think of it?? =)


  1. I haven't purchsed it yet, I've been wanting to try it! Great colors!

  2. Definately grab it!! I am loving this palette!! =)

  3. wow! i definitely want to get this!

    i love your blog! following you now :)


  4. @Ashley- Yay! Definately grab this palette! =)

  5. Thanks for doing this comparison! I have been wanting this NYX palette since I first saw it a couple of months ago! Now that lent is over, I'm going to check ULTA by my house and if not, I'll do the same as you and order it online. Happy Easter to you and the fam!

  6. @tesahelena You are welcom!! =) It's pretty much sold out at Ulta!! Hope you and the fam had a good easter!! =D If you do find this tell me how you like it!!