Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I received my Ulta Catalogue in the mail the other day and came across a page that had BUTTER LONDON Nail Lacquers. I have been wanting to try these out for the longest now and finally they have them available at my local Ulta!! =)
I do know that Nordstrom online does sell them on there, but my local Nordstrom does not. I beleive there is about 30 shades to choose from along with nail treatments as well. The good thing is they are non-toxic and they are also created at Fashion Week every season! =)
The colors I chose from left to right...
British Racing Green, Blagger, Macbeth, Lady Muck, and Fash Pack
Here are swatches for them... The pigmentation from me swatching them seem to be very opaque. All the swatches are with 2 coats. I will  definately let you guys know on the lasting power on these!!
The price tag for these are pretty pricey $14 each, but I heard alot of good reviews so we will see... Now I gotta make room for these on my nail polish rack! =)


  1. i've heard a lot of good things about butter london too. i'm loving british racing green! ;)

  2. Me too! Only down fall is the price on these... British Racing Green is beautiful I have nothing like it!! Hope all is well!! =)