Friday, April 15, 2011

.:: NYX The Runway Collection Eyeshadow Palettes ::.

Morning Everyone! Happy FRIDAY!!! =) So today I have NYX Eyeshadow Palette's to share with you. I am pretty sure you all have tryed these If not prolly own 1 or 2, but these are my first 2 palette's from NYX and I am quiet surprised on the pigmentation... The first one I got...

08 Secret World

Here are the swatches. I am very pleased with the pigmentation as you can see they are all very well pigmented!  =)
07 Versus
Here are the swatches, Again these are well pigmented as well! I purchased these at Ulta and all NYX Cosmetics are 40% off so I got these for about $6 and some change which is not bad at all. I don't have too many NYX products so this was a great way to try them out for almost half the cost! =D Have you tryed these and how do you like them???


  1. I've never tried any NYX items still! Ever since horrible experiences with unpigmented drugstore eyeshadows when I first started using makeup in Jr. High, I'm always scared to buy anything that isn't a professional or high-end brand. I keep hearing and seeing good things about NYX though, so I think I may try them out!

  2. Girl I am on the same boat as you! I was too discouraged about drugstore makeup that's why these are the first ever shadow palette's I own from NYX. I have to say pigmentation is very good!=)

  3. Im so greedy..I own all of I love them!!

  4. @HeKeLa Dang girl!! lol, =)