Friday, April 8, 2011

.:: Aloha PINK Wild & Breezy::.

Morning Everyone!!! I am blogging pretty early today... Just wanted to share with you all a current FAVORITE of mine. I have been using this for about a week and half now. It is the Aloha PINK Wild & Breezy supersoft body lotion, all-over body mist, and 2-in-1 wash & scrub. The scent is described as  wild red guava & pink passion fruit.
Description of scent

Supersoft Body Lotion
All-Over Body Mist
A subbie of mine actually pointed out that it look similar to the Fiji water bottle's!
2-In-1 Wash & Scrub
It claims it sloughs away rough, dry spots and has a combination  of healthy vitamins E and C.
The three products used at once are amazing! I use the 2in1 body scrub in the shower and I apply the body lotion afterwards and spray the body mist. At the end of the day I still smell like this. It's a fresh clean smell with a bit of fruit. Not too over powering and great for summertime! Not only does it smell good, but the packaging is too die for!! You can purchase these at Victorias Secret for 3 for $30
This is a limited edition and it also comes in two other scents from this line. All I know is the pink one smells a bit like baby powder and the purple I did not even bother to smell after I smelled this one. lol
Have a great day EVERYONE!! =)


  1. lol yes it does look like the fiji water bottles! and i spy a eskinol toner, which i use too :) have a fab weekend hun!

  2. Hahhah, giiirl I LOVE me my Eskinol! Hope u have a great weekend as well!! <3

  3. ooh i cant wait to try this scent =)

  4. y4 =) youtube: myalcala "yaya"

  5. @y4 Definately grab them! They are almost sold out in my area! =(