Friday, March 25, 2011

.::Milani Baked Blushes::.

Hello Everyone!!! I am back to share with you all a new drugstore find... I came across these Milani Baked Blushes...

There is about 6-8 shades in these baked blushes. I got 4 of them... and I have to say I am very much so HAPPY with the product. I can say these are pretty much a dupe for the MAC Mineralized Blushes but half the cost!! The Milani Blushes are about $8 a piece as to the MAC it's $23 a piece. Biiiiig price difference!! They can be powdery but glides on to the skin with no issue and very well pigmented! Here are the swatches...
From left to right: Bellissimo Bronze, Luminoso, Rose D' Oro, and Berry Amore!!
Grab these at CVS, Walgreens or Target!! =)


  1. I love this swatches :) I'm from Spain and we don't know this brand: milani
    Could u please make some photos and swatches less far to aprecciate the colours??? I'd be so glad to u!! (sorry about my pour englis hahaha)
    I follow you!!! :):):)

  2. I want these now thanks to u! lol

  3. Lady CroCro, So sorry for the photo... I have a youtube video on a review and haul on these blushes if that helps you! =)

  4. Hekala, You better grab before they are gone! These blushes are a HOT item right now... Get them at Target much cheaper!!! lol