Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kardashian Konfidential

So for quiet some time now I have always wanted to get my hands on this Kardashian Konfidential Book but never got the chance to it. My husband and I was at Target this weekend and decided to check out the books and see If they had it there, in my luck I was thinking it was sold out or out of stock but surprisingly they had 2 there. One being the first one we saw and the one in back of it being the book itself and no cover?? lol, anyway I grabbed the one with the cover...

Yayyy, but as u can tell at the botttom of the book there is a crease line going across it which didn't bother me too much but was iffy on buying it. Here is a closer look at it...

See it??? =( So we brought it up to the cashier and he checked to see If they had anymore in stock and they didn't... I was still gonna buy it regardless but he offered another 15% off the 30% off cover price so I was HAPPPY!! =) Anyway this book is interesting, learning alot from the Kardashians perspective on fashion , makeup and personal appearance. What girl doesn't love the Kardashian's? Here is a peek of the inside of the book...

I loooove it!! =)  Have a Great Day everyone!!!

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