Monday, March 14, 2011

Dolce Vita's By Target

Hello everyone!!! So If you guys watched my video on my latest Target, Forever21, and Drugstore haul u probably seen these uber CUTE sandals from Target by Dolce Vita.
CUTE right? As I was trying them on the zipper on the back ankle of it just would not zip!! LITERALLY! I was honestly afraid to put all my strength in trying to zip it closed because it just felt like the zipper was gonna RIP! Ughh, I was so torn on either returning them or trying to exchange them and see If these were a defect or not. I got some of my lovely subscribers who had purchased the same sandal as well to give me their opinion and they too had a problem with the zipper. I am not really a huge "high sandal" type of person just because I have two kids and can't be cluncking around with these 4" sandals, so I chose to return them. =( I figured If I am gonna wear 4" sandals mind as well invest in a good quality sandal.
Anyone else buy these and have the same problem?
Have a great night everyone!!!

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