Thursday, July 12, 2012

:: NARS Joie De Vivre Nordstrom Exclusive Cheek Palette ::

Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday (July 11, 2012) Nordstrom had a early access  Anniversary sale for card holders.This was my first attending one. As I was was looking through the catalog I went straight to the makeup section and came across a NARS Cheek Palette. Now NARS came out with one exclusively for Sephora as well, but IMO I think this Nordstrom exclusive was much better due to color combination. The palette comes with six colors and is priced at $65 US.

This is a comparison of a regular sized NARS blush...
The palette has a total of 3.5 g and one blush contains 4.8g just for reference! =)

From left to right ~
Albatross, Gaiety, Luster, Laguna, Orgasm, Angelika

This palette is perfect for Makeup Artists especially how all the colors you need are all in one palette!
If you are a Nordstrom cardholder grab one before it's gone! =)
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  1. I got this too! But it's with my boyfriend right now. Boooo :( The packaging of the box looks better than Sephora's too!

  2. Yay!!! I actually thought the Sephora box looked more sleek, but thats just my opinion... I love it! =)

  3. Hi there! How do you compare the pigmentation and texture of this palette with the full size NARS blushes? :) i want to buy one since i dont have any nars blush yet! :)

  4. @Cecile, To be honest the pigmentation on this palette is a bit chalky/ powdery... I own every full size blush that is in this palette and the texture on the full size is much, much buttery and soft and a much pigmented off one swipe. Swatching this palette I had to rub my had in the blusha few times to get a really good swatch of the color. =( If you do not own any of the colors this would be a good palette due to it being at a good price, but there is a difference in texture/ swatch. Hope this helps!!!

  5. Zee please start doing videos on YouTube again :(

  6. @Sassy Yes, Indeed I will eventually get back into it! =)