Sunday, July 8, 2012

:: Sunday "Target" Haul ::

Target Haul!
Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful  summer weekend... So today we get our Sunday newspaper delivered to us with the weekly coupons and specials. I needed to get my daughter a new backpack and lunch sack for her back to school supplies and found some good deals on the Target ad... Along with that some other goodies I found! I'm just gonna share my lil haul with u... =)

She chose Monster High...
Backpack-$13.00 on sale in this weeks ad!
Lunch sack~$7.99

I am not gonna lie the detailing of the characters are super CUTE!!!

Cutest school supplies...

Hello Kitty Binder~ $5.50
For anyone who is still in school Target has a bunch of cute school supplies! I had to grab a few things for myself!!! Just too cute!

The binder didn't come with inside pockets, but it's ok...

This is the print of it up close...

The back of the binder..

OMG, These are the cutest folders! I am a big fan of anything Harajuku so I was happy Target came out with this line.

Not to mention these folders were only ~$1

Harajuku Composition Note Book

Spot to write your name and class schedule!

On to the clothing items...
Found this Harajuku tank for my son in the clearance rack...

As you all know Gwen Stefani is the designer of this line...

Half off~ $6.50

These two items were in the weekly ad as well... My husband and I are currently doing the INSANITY work out and my seven year old daughter loves joining us so we decided to grab some work out gear for her... lol!

The brand is by Champion...
Tank~$9.00 Sale
Shorts~$7.00 Sale

Last item I picked up...
These are so good, yet healthy at the same time!
My kids LOVE them too! =)

They come in several different flavors... Great for breakfast and on the go!
Give it a try...

Hope you all enjoyed this little random haul!
Til next time...

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