Wednesday, August 22, 2012

:: Bath & Body Works Fall/ Halloween Preview ::

Happy Wednesday everybody! Today I have a few items from the fall / halloween collection from B&BW. At the time I had went they actually didn't have everything out from the collection so I only got what they had available. I LOVE the holiday collections  B&BW come's out with every year they are just the cutest!!!

As usual they always have sales there...
 I got the hand soaps for 5 for $15, wallflowers & refills 6 for $20, halloween hand sanitizers 5 for $5, mrs. frankentsein santizer holder $5, bat hand soap topper $2.50, and I got a free travel size lotion of my choice!

These were the fall items I picked up. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is my all time favorite fall scent! Autum Day has to be my new favorite scent this year as well as as Pumpkin Cupcake... Mmmm! =)

I did not get too many of the halloween items because they didn't have everything out just yet. The Mrs. Frankenstein holder was  my daughter's favorite. The topper for the hand soaps are just the cutest. I  Love seeing what they come out with every year, it's always different. So I miight just go back to see If they had put everything out. As always they invite you back with another coupon to return which I don't mind... =)
Thanks for stopping by see, you guys in my next post!
Have a great day!!!
<3 Zee

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