Thursday, July 28, 2011

.:: TOMS ::.

I have notice that TOMS Slip-On's are really popular this summer season. They look so comfy and stylish! After trying on a pair at Zummie's I was hooked!! The cool thing is they come in so many different color's and styles!! Here are just a few I got from Nordstrom's and these were all purchased by me! =)
Burlap Slip-On

Material of the shoe up close...

Plaid print in the inside of the material... I love how each TOMS is different!

Another plus!! =)

Black Glitter TOMS

Glitter up close...

The print inside the...

TOMS Stitchouts Bimini Slip-On

Canvas material up close...

Another plaid print inside...

I recently became obsessed with these slip-on's... I can not wait to get more in different styles and color's. They are so comfy yet stylish... =)
You can purchase TOMS Slip-On's at  Nordstrom, Zummie's, & TOMS Website that I know of... 


  1. i love TOMS.. very comfy.. i plan on getting more.. like ur selections.. thinking about picking up the black glitter and the burlap as well. =D

  2. Yes, these are a must have I think all year long!!! =)