Friday, June 10, 2011

.:: Victoria's Secret INSTINCT Perfect Lipstick ::.

Happy Friday! Hope you all are having a great week... I know everyone must be on summer vacation right now... Yay!! Today I have the Victoria's Secret Love me wild Perfect Lipstick in Instinct. I just came across this lipstick the other day and thought it was such a beautiful color not only that but the packaging was to die for!  
It has hot pink with gold and black zebra print... Sooo CUTE! =)

The shade of this lipstick has a pink nude tone to it with a lustre but yet full coverage finish.

Definitely a great everyday color!

I wish I would have known about this lipstick sooner just finding out it is a LE and two of my locations already sold out of it. =(
This lipstick is retailing at $14...
Definitely a lipstick to hunt for!
Thanks again for stopping by... =)


  1. thats a gorgeous color and the packaging is like you die for!!!

  2. Ohhh that looks yummay!! u know i never gave their beauty products much thought to purchase...i usually only purchase their body mists...makes me want to check it out on lunch ;)

  3. @Wifezilla Hekela Same here girl. I recently starting purchasing there bronzer's but that's about it. If you didn't know tomorrow is VS Semi Annual Sale starting @8am.. =D

  4. I bought Heartbeat last week in VSecret at the Great Mall. I didn't see Instinct at Oakridge. I really like Heartbeat. The lipsticks felt so creamy and soft. I hope you are doing well...xoxo How did you like their limited edition bronzer?

  5. @Rowbante I saw Heartbeat actually they had a lot in stock of that color but just was not sure about it. I love the LE Bronzer... =)